No, this wasn't my grandad's, at least knot that I can prove.  Actually, "Grandad's" is part of the name for this model.

This rascal, made in the US of A, is knot easy to come by as they were produced for only four years: 1990 – 1994.

The cool thing about this folding pocket knife is, in addition ti othe pen and clip blades, it kinda had the Swiss Army Knife thing-a-mah-job going as it sported a pair of sharp scissors. It'd be interesting to know just exactly how many of these were produced, don'tcha think?  Yeah.  Oh well.  We'll knever know.

At the time of production the suggested retail for these were $29.95 and that was 20 years ago. Wondering hows I know that?  I ain't a smart as you think I is, I promise ya. Actually, over on Knife site, we have some knife rocket scientists and they know all this onfo.  Here's where I gleaned the info from:

I have this knife listed on eBay as we speak.  Auction ends 2.26.12 Click on link below