CAM00029GEC Great American Jack Pocket Knife Review

Do you remember Mike Alstott, NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and graduate from Perdue University?  Do you recall anything about his running style; forward leaning, shoulder pads close to the ground, thunder thighs powering turf chomping feet, forearms shredding and deflecting would be tacklers like small saplings…. Yeah…..that’s this knife.  Yes sir!

Robustfully powerful in a nice sorta way, if you will.

In the short time I’ve spent with this jack knife by Great Eastern Cutlery, I’ve cut: rope, cans, wood, more wood, cigar caps, cardboard boxes and more.  For the last 30+ days this has always been in my belt sheath and considered my first option EDC knife.

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By they way……in case you’re interested jack knives aren’t just old knives our blood line carried before us…no sir.  The technical way to identify a “jack” knife is both blades are on the same end of the knife!

And, technically on top of technically this is a swell-en jack knife because one end bolsters are bigger than the other end. 

I’d call this knife more of a heavy-duty user, not that one couldn’t carry it to the office, but I think both the knife and carrier would be happier applying it on heavier duty work!

Knife Details:
Great Eastern Cutlery, Tidioute Cutlery
#781214 EC
 Release Date – 1/14/14
Made in America
Ebony wood scales
1095 Carbon Steel Blades (Clip and pen)
Nickel Silver Bolsters
Weight – 3.16 oz.
Closed length – 3 ¾”

lot5.6.14 010The TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality) – 9.5
Under close scrutiny I proclaim this knife is near flawless!!
The liners, bolsters, scales are fit together like this was the only American Jack knife made by a knife crafter who’d we see working out of his garage or basement! There’s extreme care and craftsmanship in the making of this folding pocket knife.

Up tight and outta sight (she walks and talks)!  Excellent half stops!  No wobble in either blade, up or down or side to side.

Scales are chip and crack free, but are not perfectly smooth……but dad-gum near so!
Works like a Mike Alstott in training!  Stout and studly, meant to be used and abused (not really abused as in the way knives shouldn’t be used).  Will take a beating and get back up for more!
Blades are sharp out of the box and take an edge with little effort.    

Accessibility: 7.0
Yeah, this was my biggest steel blockade with this pocket knife.  NOW, before I say another word……you know I like one-handed assisted open knives…..we’re clear right? 

The curve ball with this handsome rascal wasn’t that it didn’t perform, rather that I almost tore off my thumb nail trying to get the sum-bich open the first time.  Every time since then, there’s a steel spirit metal hesitation that goes into cracking open the blade.

It’s not a knife you’d count on for easy access, that’s  for sure.  

Collectability – 8.0
Collectible knives are becoming more of a limited production interest, as are other things like small-batch cigars and bourbons.  The common every day product isn’t as collectible as it used to be unless it’s produced in short runs.

The collectible value of this knife is that Great Eastern Cutlery doesn’t product large runs of any of their products, so in essence it’s a small run, but not really.  Where you get into higher sought after and collectible GEC knives is runs of 25! 


Sharpening – 9.5
I do like my pocket knives razor sharp……and I did have to improve the edge to that level early on.  I prefer carbon steel over stainless steel blades because I feel they are easier to sharpen.  I used my Lansky system (even though it’s broke) to freehand sharpen!  
The best sharpening system available:

Value – 10.0
No matter how you look at this knife, it’s worth the money, as a collectible or EDC!  It just is! Especially for less then $100!

Many thanks to the fine folks at Great Eastern Cutlery ( ) for supplying this knife for review!

To purchase this knife you can contact them or any of their authorized distributors! 

Steel Sahlue!
Scott Rauber