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First off……..WOWZAH……is that a name for a knife or what! :-O

Secondly……it’s been a pleasure carrying this knife for the past 6 months.  And that’s something I’ve yet to say.  I’ve scored a couple of knives a perfect 10 Steel Sahlutes! But have yet to say it’s been a pleasure to carry.

Maybe it’s the way I’ve carried it – in a Winchester nylon fold over top Velcro sheath that I scored at a garage sale for a quarter…..


Item# 215114

Folding slip-joint (non-locking) pocket knife
Blade material – 1095 carbon steel
Handle – Linen micarta (Maroon)
OAL (Overall (open) Length) – 8.5"
Lanyard Hole 


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Before I go into the Steel Sahlute Score….there’s something I have to share.  It came to me when I was contemplating the way I wanted to describe how I felt with this knife in tow.  I thought it too big to be a folding pocket knife, but it wasn’t a fixed blade knife either, but……but I loved the Uumph” it offered like a fixed blade.  Then………………… it came to me.  This GEC Field and Farm Tool is indeed a folding fixed blade knife!!! Clear as vodka…….exactly the perfect way to describe this Great Eastern Cutlery creation.


TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality): 9.9
The handles on this pocket knife are Maroon (color) Linen Micarta (materials).  Micarta is a cool way of making handles for a knife……however since there’s a lot of epoxy and resin in the mixture, if the knife is dropped it can make a “ding” or crunch, and it did just that on mine.  I don’t even remember dropping it, but there’s a nice little ding on one of the handle corners now

Halft-stop fan?  This beast is righteous! Be aware of the half-stop…..just sayin’.

Tight. Firm. Solid. Precision. – all words that come to mind when thinking about the quality production of this knife.

Accessibility: 8.7

EDC GEC Field & Farm Tool Knife (1)
I carried this folder on my belt in a Velcro nylon Winchester sheath (hey, it worked) just like I’d carry a fixed blade knife!  There’s a couple steps to open, and it does require 2 hands, so I always detract a little because my beliefe in the perfect world of knife accessibility you only need one hand.  But that’s my world. But I’m the one handing out the scores soooooooooooooo…….


Sharpening – 9.8

I’m a huge fan of carbon steel (steel that tarnishes and shows stains – unlike “stainless” steel) knives.  And this pocket knife is made of 1095 carbon steel.  The main reason I’m a fan is ease of sharpening.  I kept my edge by stropping it a few times on an old leather belt and sharpening rod.  Keep that in mind there…….I kept the edge by stropping it on an old leather belt.  (Head to the thrift store and pick up a couple leather belts, one for home, one for the garage and one for your Get Home Bag).

I did put a new edge on by hand with a few old sharpening stones and turned out perfect as well!

Huge fan of Great Eastern Cutlery carbon steel anything actually!


Collectability -8.7
Straight out of the round tube the knife beckons….”put me to work!”   With that in mind I forsee it being used as opposed to collected.  However, when knives are dated and available in different colors, we know from the world of Case Knives that creates a following…….of users and collectors. 


Value- 10.0
I love American made knives! I do. When it’s made in the USA and it’s of serious quality the item gets a 10.0 Steel Sahlutes in the Value Category especially when it’s priced in the $70.00 range.
Whether a collectible or a workhorse, this is another Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) folding knife I highly recommend!  

Final Steel Sahlute Score on this Knife Review  = 9.42 out of a possible 10!!


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Steel Sahlute fellow lovers of the steel!
Scott Rauber