Land sakes alive!!  What a knife!

Let's begin with a proper Steel Brother sahlute to all readers!  SAHHHHHHHHLUTE!

Just the other day this 1095 carbon steel saw cut bone gem arrived. 

My anticipation for the arrival of this knife was so high I let out a TOOL TIME grunt when I unraveled it from the wax paper.

There's no misconception when you place this pocket knife in your hand for the first time……she's got shoulders.  It's beefy. It's stout like a Guiness.  It's flat out got UMPH….and that's before you reach for a blade!  Later in the day I shared this masterpiece with my brother and his reaction was the same.

Now, let me warn you, you'll also need some UMPH to open the blades.  The springs are uptight and outta sight my steel brothers.  The half stop is solid as is the full open position.  Oh yeah, hang on because the snap back works like a freshly sprung mouse trap.  Yes sir!

The main blade handsomely accompanies the Tidioute Cutlery Trade Mark.  The tang reads: TIDIOUTE CUTLERY MADE IN USA. On the back side is item # 251211.  The pen knife blade carries the GREAT EASTERN CUTLERY TIW stamping! 

The entire package is devilishly handsome.

Sharp?  Of course….why did you even let that thought germinate in your knoggin? LOL. 

Most importantly….it's made right here in the USA. 
Yeah, that's right….you can feel the rock solid American pride, craftsmanship and chest-pounding steel spirit built into this pocket knife. ERGH! ERGH!

When in Titusville, PA stop in for a factory tour and experience the true American steel spirit!

Steel Spirit Sahhhhhhhhhhhhlute!