Don't be buhfuddled by the big long title, it all translates into one word…..Suuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmove! (smooth)!

First, a B-I-G shout out to the folks at Great Eastern Cutlery who hand make these knives.  They truly are works of American art, and if you don't own one or a dozen, you should.  The experience these knives deliver is second to none!

You can see this knife is beautiful.

When it comes to reviewing stellar creations of steel, one searches and digs for flaws because they are so hard to expose. So, I set out to find flaws. 

I developed a NEW carry technique for this folder.  I loop a paracord through the lanyard hole as shown in above pic. 
Then,  I drop the knife into my pocket with a small amount of cord remaining over the lip of my pocket (see pic below).  This allows for quick and easy access without diving into the bottom of my already cluttered pocket. 

Now, back to the knife review and flaws.

I did find one small hinderance, but it wasn't in the sharpness.  
The 1095 carbon steel lockback blade was razor sharp right outta the box! Rocked & Rolled!!

 Oh, and it's mac daddy for cuttin' english muffins!

Numerous cutting exercises were executed.  Over this past weekend, I even cut the stalk of a palm tree bush (not the actual tree) and it was a challenge, but the knife delivered!

After that cut I did touch it up the blade on my new Smith's Pocket Pal sharpener!  Renewed!


The knife is rock solid. 
The lockback sticks like a gold medal olympian's dismount.
The jigged brazilian cherry wood scales are ridged, but you like 'em like Ruffles Ridges potato chips.
Oh, did I mention the Beaver Tail etching and shield.  C'mon……..that's too cool.
Nickle Silver bolsters.
1095 carbon steel clip blade
Made in PA, USA!

What? After that impressive list, you're still hangin' on, waitin't for me to spit out the flaw aren'tcha? Some times I wonder about you knife people. 😉

Here ya go……like a dog waitin' for his bone. The luckback thumb release was a little stiff. Even after adding some Quick Release Oil to the pivot pin it took a little UMPH to release the blade. It takes a little gettin used to, but turns out, it's a great safety feature.

Concluding the review:

Accessibility Factor: 9.8 (because of the paracord addition in the lanyard hole)
Sharpenss & Re-sharpening Factor: 10.0
Fit & Finish: 10.0
Collectibility Factor: 9.9
Usability Factor: 10.0
Functionality Factor: 9.8 (lockback release a little too tight)

Final Score: 9.9 Steel Sahlutes!!

I'm mentally stumbling, attempting to organize the the unlimited complimentary thoughts I have for this knife.
Obtain one or more, you'll understand!!

Steel Sahlute to Great Eastern Cutlery!!  Ooooopah!!