Great Eastern Cutlery Tidioute Sunfish Easy Open EO 362112 Antique Yellow Jig Bone Knife

Want to know what it’s like to ride an elephant into the circus screaming “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” ?

Well this knife fits that scenario perfectly!

Steel Sahlute fellow Easy Open, GEC Tidioute knife fans!  Sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlute!

I have to say, this was the easiest knife I’ve reviewed to this point.  I say that because the moment you open the cardboard tube the knife arrives in, remove the wax paper and extract the knife there’s only one calling for this slip-joint knife – BIG BOY WORK!

That’s right… don’t carry this knife in your pocket to church or the board meeting, no sir!  You mount this bad boy and look for trees to cut down and palm tree branches to trim! (You might have to have tried cutting a palm tree branch before to actually grasp how difficult a task it is).

Seriously…..the moment I removed this Sunfish pattern (which Chris Tucker at Great Eastern Cutlery says they may never make the Sunfish knife pattern again) you connect with the knife’s steel spirit calling and promise to handle “big-moose-size-jobs” and nothing else!

So, over the past couple of weeks, yes, just a couple weeks, I’ve cut palm tree branches and peeled bark from branches, really, in an effort to dull the blade and see if the joint will begin to loosen.  Nadda…

Outside of the supernatural beauty of this Antique Yellow Jigged Bone scales there is one dad-blasted pain in the ACE part of the knife that annoys the shino-lah outta me. 

Opening it.  Yeah, opening it.  You about need a crane to help pull the blade from the liners *$&@#^%*##@!!  This mama-jama is T-I-G-H-T as most GEC knives are, but dang nabbit, it’s scary tight.  I know it’ll loosen over time, but in the beginning be prepared for super hero resitance when you first open the blade.

Ok.  I said that.                                                                                                                     

Nuts & Bolts:
3” Hammer Tested, Frozen Forged 1095 Carbon Steel Spear Point Blade (Ergh, ergh, ergh)
4 ¼” closed length
Jigged Bone. Antique Yellow Scales
Easy Open groove
Slip Joint Knife
Nickel Silver Bolsters
Brass Liners & Pins
Made in the USA!

TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality) 8.5
This knife is a custom production knife if that makes any sense.  Every corner fits like a custom hand-made knife.  It’s finished and polished like it was the one and only ever made!   
It’s meticulous craftsmanship in appearance!
The knife cuts like a 1095 carbon steel blade should.

The knife is tight – no wobble at all, even after use.  The spear point blade has good snap as well.

Since the functionality requires using the blade and accessing the blade (See Accessibility below) deduct a couple steel slivers in the functionality portion.

Accessibility – 5.0
BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNK!  The resistance was sooooooo strong the first time I attempted to open the knife my hand slipped right off.  I re-grabbed and held tight, and she came open, but I had worked up a sweat at this point…..whew.  I added a little oil to try and loosen ‘er up, but nadda.  I’ll tell ya this – this knife is tight, and years from now it’ll still be tight, and I’ll like that, BUT as far as accessibility is concerned, it’s the hardest knife I’ve ever opened, except for the one that Pal Blade Co that was rusted shut.

And one more diddy.  This isn’t a knife you carry in your pocket unless of course you want to walk tilted to one side – just kidding.  That was another hang up with this knife – it’s just too dad-gum big to carry in your pocket.  I did finally purchase a belt sheath that allowed me to carry, but again, it’s like carrying an elephant of a knife. 

Collectibility – 10.0
This is a no-brainer – what Great Eastern Cutlery knives aren’t collectible?  And, to add, all GEC knives are made in limited quantities.

Value – 10.0
This knife is in the $100 range and well worth every penny in my opinion.  Yes, you can pay less for an assortment of different knives, but this is one that will retain it’s value over time, and quite possibly, as Case knives do, increase in value.   And, limited production only adds to the worth.

Re-Sharpening -9.5
Comes with a very sharp factory edge.  After whittling bark from numerous branches I hit the knife with my slip stone and sharpening steel and was good to go.  I can cut paper with the best of ‘em!


Final Steel Sahlute Score – 8.60 Steel Sahlutes!


I'd highly recommend obtaining one of the Sunfish's!! 

Steel Sahlute,

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