Great Eastern Cutlery Field & Farm Tool Knife Review 350217


Fellow lovers of the edge….greetings!


Quality. Quality. Quality.




I purchased this knife after completing a factory tour with my wife @ Great Eastern Cutlery in PA, in September and the following month had open heart surgery.  Thus I cut a lot of fruit with this pocket knife….



So, what do I think of the knife?  Yeah. Sharp. Love the steel. Love the wharncliffe blade and the one-hand open blade.  That’s what that other blade is, I learned from Chris Tucker @ GEC! I was amazed that a one-handed blade could open WITHOUT an assisted open spring inside!!  COOL!!


However, ever, ever….my friends it DOES NOT carry well in your pocket unless you like being poked in your inner thigh by the horn on that blade.  Nor, does it hold in the hand well when using. Uh ha….no sirree! That secondary blade is a wart in the wrong place. It just is.



While the scales are clean and tight, they’re basic micarta….nothin’ fancy!


Also note….there is an interior liner lock under the wharncliffe blade which is nice but not really expected on what looks like a traditional folding knife.

1095 carbon steel blades. Huge fan for sharpening/honing. Huge fan!!!



The knife has been sold on ebay.  

I love the craftsmanship and steel but wouldn’t buy this style again. I would however buy just about any other Great Eastern Cutlery knife because they exude American made quality of old!!  



 Get outside and live!!