Greetings fellow steel brothers!!

Recently I received this email:

Hey Scott-

Junior Steel Brother, here. I've been doing some research on pocket knives and came across your blog, which is a lot of fun and very informative. Admittedly, I don't know much about knives (which is why I'm contacting a pro!). I'm looking to buy 6 identical pocket knives for my best buddies as a thank you for my wedding that's coming up. I was wondering if you might have any suggestions? Here's the broad criteria I'm looking at:

1) Made in the U.S.A.
2) I have a budget of $30-$40 per knife.
3) I prefer the slick, modern look of the newer model Smith & Wesson knives (and your Buck 327 T).

4) Something that'll last. Would love to purchase something durable that can be passed down.

I'm having a hell of a time finding something that's actually made in the US. I'm running into quite a few American companies that are manufacturing overseas. I think even Smith & Wesson is doing that? Also, if you have any recommendations of good dealers to spend my money, I'm all ears.

Any help is appreciated. Keep up the good work, man!


Here was my reply—
Hello my fellow lover of the steel!

Hey Matt!
Congrats on getting married and knice idea for a thank you gift for your buddies.

The answer is the knife that put me into the steel frenzy…..the Kershaw Ken Onion Leek. And it's right there on my website, third ad down on the right side……Buy it from me and I'll earn sone steel brother commission.

That knife is made right here in the USA and she's sleek like a corvette. If you knose around on my site I have a vid posted of Pete Kershaw doing a Kershaw factory tour.

Enjoy the experience my fellow steel brother!

Steel Sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlute!

Knice choice!! Matt eneded up selecting 7 Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Speed Assist Opening knives!!