Since Thanksgiving is about being thankful, I thought I'd be thankful if you bought some of the knives I have listed on eBay this week:

 On a way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more serious note I'm very, very thankful to be enjoying Thanksgiving with my son for the first time since 1996 as he's moved back to the area after completing numerous tours of duty in Iraq, Basnia and Germany, after serving our country in the ARMY for 13 years.  That'll get a MAGNUM STEEL SAHLUTE to the inth degree!!

In addition, we'll be sharing Thanksgiving dinner with my oldest daughter, her husband and 2 little boyz ( 3 and 2, who like to walk in the jungle (aka shrubs in garden area) with Poppy)  for the first time as they have also moved back to the area.

After dinner I'm ultra thankful my brother in-law has a steel firepit so we can roast some wood and fill the air with the fine aroma of cigar smoke~~~~~~~~~~