Steel spirit sahlute steel brothers and sisters!!

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lot8.1.13 027It's been a while since I've posted just for the sake of posting for fun, but that's what I'm about to do,  But, for you meat and potato seekers, I'll have something to sink your theeth into shortly as I complete the review on 2 different Case XX Knives!

I visited a local park yesterday afternoon with my wife and 2 grandsons.  We of course……………………….went on a mission.  A mission, aka as an adventure, hike, camping, fishing, climbing trees, watching ducks is anything to do with the outdoors and yesterday we ended up following an overgrown area of the park with a munchkin trail…..which I identified as a deer trail.  We crouched over and followed the deer trail into what turned out to the the meeting area for all deer!  (One watched us enter, then raised it's white flag and bolted).  There were deer droppings EVEYWHERE!!  We loved it.

I did start a fire, but first shaved some wood with my bushcraft knife converted from a 9" blade carving knife and my Case Copperlock.

Here's some pics:








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Steel Sahlute!