Steel Sahlute fellow knife lovers!!! 

It's funny sometimes how things go worng so they can go right! laugh

So… wife calls me to open the can of beans and tomatoes for chili and no kidding, the can opener gadgetliterally crumbles in my hands….I'm like …what the…..
Now ……what do I do? Oh, I have an idea (being the knife afficianado in the house), I'll use the can opener blade on my Swiss Army Knife to open the cans of beans, etc. 
Now, the last time I attempted such an act as opening a can of anything with my knife can opener blade was Dinty Moore Beef Stew about 45 years ago when I was like 9 surprise

The key is to place the open section of the can opener blade half inside and half outside. Then push down. Then rock back and forth like a rocking chair and repeat the process over and over until complete.  I did all 3 cans in the pics and by the time I got to the 3rd can I had the can opening mojo rocking!! 

CanOpenerSwissArmytool HowTO USE CAN OPENER SWISS ARMY KNIFESwissArmyToolOpenerCanHOWTO


Just a little insight for those of you who may be just starting out with multi tool knives!! 


Get outside and take some kids with ya!!