I mean, it is afterall almost hunting season!! Let me start this with my thoughts as they are issued by the great-hunter-enthusiast, outdoor-spirit-believer and leader, Ted Nugent!

Watch the vid:  

Ultimate quality fuel rocket protein………you gotta love it.  Magan Steel Sahlute Ted!!

Where were we…..oh yeah, knives.  Gotcha.  Hunting knife in particular. 

Hunting is something I hope to get back into.  It's been since my teen years. 🙁  I did however have the extreme mountainous pleasure of hunting ducks with a DU friend who offered to teach me everything.  That was the "Spirit of the Wild" my DU friend extended to me.  I long to hunt ducks again. Thanks Bart!

Anyhow, you gotta have something sharp. 

SIDE NOTE: Oh, btw, I will be in the woods with my brother this fall while HE hunts and I partake of the natural beauty of my surroundings and the stimulating anticipation of a deer. 

Back to the knife……let me proclaim this bit of insight….now is KNOT the time to carry a cheap, non-edge holding knife.  You gotta be ready to perform clean and crisp surgery if your deer hunt is successful. 

Personally, if I was hunting alone I'd consider this:
1). What's will make an effective cut in order for proper removal of unwanted inerds.
2). If I'm forced into a life-threatening situation

Even though I've never owned this knife, I've seen it online enough and know they make knives for the military and have for numerous years…..I'd recommend the Ka-Bar 1251.  Yes sir.  Call me looney for recommending a knife I've knever touched before, let alone used. OK, fair enough, I'm looney….you win.
You'll also notice that this outdoor survivalist is carrying the larger verson of this Ka-Bar knife!

I promise ya, you'll love this knife and it's made right here in the USA!!


Steel sahlute steel brothers!! Good luck hunting!