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Back in early November a fellow contacted me and asked for my review on a certain knife.  I obliged and replied with my mailing address.  A few days later the CardSharp 2 Credit Card Wallet Knife arrives.

Funny thing is………………….I had seen this nifty little bugger a while back when looking for a knife similar to the Spyderco SpyderCard Knife.   For some reason or another I held back the reigns and didn’t make a purchase…..so here we are.

I’m not going to put this knife through the traditional knife review process because frankly, Frank, it doesn’t fit into an EDC “carry and use” knife category.  It’s a “put-away-and-use-for-emergency-only” type of knife, not a pocket knife one would use on the loading deck to slice up cardboard boxes for the compactor all day.

There really is no fit and finish to review, however the way the knife snaps together is kinda cool and the little half-moon lock is kinda slick too…but that’s it.

Take my word….the edge is sharp enough to cut paper, cigar cap, and paracord rope. I know, I did it…..here’s pics:

I will say after cutting up the small portions of paracord (550 lb. test parachute cord) the edge seemed to dull a little, but the first few cuts were pretty smooth.

The main gist of this contraption is its size and compactness.  As you can see I carry it in my pocket wallet….actually you can’t see it – and that’s the (pun intended) POINT! 

I recommend having this knife as a backup in case of emergency, especially since it can be purchased for under $5.00.  Keep one in the glove compartment, wallet, tackle box, tool box, etc.  Give one to your spouse, kids, grandkids, etc.  This Ian Sinclair credit card knife isn’t going to help you field dress dinner, but it’s good to know it’s around, even if you remember accidentally!

To purchase, please visit this Amazon link:

Steel Sahlute to secret credit card knives!!!!
Scott Rauber