When in the presence of an experienced knife that has obviously seen loads of love from use, the mind will wonder down the winding steel back roads, wondering; who carried this knife?  What was the knife used for most? Was it left in the drawer, or carried in the pocket? Was it passed from one generation to the next? Some know the answers of the previous life of the knife, but some of us only wonder……
Then I wondered; Is there a way we could know the Life of a Knife? Hmmmmmmmmm…….scratching my knoggin’, I thought….there must me a way.
Then an idea came to me. The Knife Pass. Yeah, I thought; this’ll be fun. I mail the knife, in this case it’s the Canal Street Cutlery Co. Half Moon Trapper Faux Tortoise Shell Knife, to an individual, who uses it for a couple weeks, then he mails it to the next person who has signed up on the list, and over and over until all signee’s have experienced the knife. Then, we’ll know the Life of the Knife, exactly what it did and where.
As a side knote, in case you were wondering – the knife was new and unused when it left me!

The sign up list was started on a knife forum I frequent – AllAboutPocketKnives.com. If you’d like to follow along please feel free to wind down the steel roads with us. Click HERE and go to the last page of the thread for the most recent post.

Steel Sahlute to the Life of the Knife!!