Ya know, the moment I laid my barlow-favored-eyes on this beaut I delighted to have it………in a BIG way!

She came in the mail Saturday!  Woot! Woot!

It's the handle……it's the handle that lip-hooked me like a Kevin Van Dam hook set on a largemouth bass. 
It looks so, so, so much like burnt stag, BUT it's knot.  The official description is "Deep Grained Staglon."   Oh man, the valleys in that staglon are mesmerizing. 

Tang stamp dates this to 1956 – 1988 although I've read it was made in the mid 70's.

Compliments of our knife friends at collectors-of-schrades-r-us.com  comes this helpful pic.

See this link for image location: http://www.collectors-of-schrades-r.us/FLYERS/IMPERIALS/knives/Pre-1980/pages/I73-1.htm

Barlow.  Word!

Here's some time-dated info from AllAboutPocketKnives.com, this knife enthusiast bought this exact Imperial Mark Twain knife in 1977 for $3.00!!       Read about it in this forum thread I started:

Amazing isn't it?  I mean, this is probably your standard Imperial 2-blade barlow pocket knife.  See what happens when you add some funky-burnt-deer-antler lookin' artificial material and add a cigar smoking author's name to the whole enchiladah?  It becomes an epic knife!

None the less, it's in my stable of stallions as we speak steel brother!

Here's to your stellar steel day…..Steel Sahlute!! 

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