There's knothing quite like burning sandpaper (not as in a bomb fire, rather as in a constant rubbing back and forth motion) to make a knife come to life.

I scored this piece of steel history recently and immediately went to rubbing and polishing.

These are the BEFORE PICS:

And…………………………the AFTER PICS:

I've attached a paracord from Tony at Paracord Gear Store and now this knife is easily accessible. 

The way it works is; the paracord is attached to the bail on the knife.  Now I can drop the knife into my pocket. I then pick up the slack (using a fishing mental image here) and let the rest of the paracord dangle out side my pocket.  To access,  I simply grab the dangling paracord and lift up and flip into my hand!!  It's very similiar to an assisted-open knife.  No?  You don't think so?  Ok, maybe I'm stretching it a little, but it sure beats diving down to the bottom of my pocket past my cigar lighters, SAK and money.  Now, before I let you go…..the key element in carrying this vintage knife is the bail.  In order for this dangling carry style to be effective the knife must have a bail on the end.

If you're wanting to have a vintage pocket knife cleaned up and shiny contact me and I'll quote you a price!

Steel history sahlute!

 Oiled the joints with my fav oil – Quick Release Oil – check out the video: