Really….JOWIKA?  It just sounds awkward rolling off your tongue.
The knife is listed on eBay (along with many others):

 The knife is listed on eBay (along with many others): 

Jowika Stahwlarenfabrik Eugen Weber & Altenbach KG was the full name of this German mfr of low-end mass market cutlery. It began prior to 1928 under the name Kleinwefers; became Jowika some time prior to 1939.

Jowika opened a branch factory in Listowel, Ireland, in 1960, which was acquired by Imperial Schrade in 1978. Closed about a year and a half before Schrade closed."

According to Blades Guide to Knives & Their Values, Jowika Knives are current.  Can't say as I'd ever go hunting for one of these knives, but, hey, that's just my take.

Here's to Jowika (still sounds funny, and I just mumbled it in my mind).

Steel sahlute to the day!

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