Something about this piece of steel that makes me think of the dinosaur – Triceratops.   I mean, just look at how monstrous power this knife displays, just sitting still in the open position…over 8" long ……make yah eyes bug out!!


This knife bit me.  Oh yes.  I was sliding my finger down the length of the blade and it curled up and sliced a kneat seperation between my skin.  I gotta tell ya…….I'm impressed with this knife.  A little big for an EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket knife but great to have around.

Because of the size it's a little bit of a stretch to open with one hand but once in the hand you can feel the strength of the triceratops between your fingers…… 🙂

I like it because it's a Ka Bar, but it's a little bulky for hanging from your pocket lip all day long but definitely beneficial if you have to ever face a Triceratops…. 😉

Steel sahlute!