Remember riding go-carts? 
Yeah. Me too. 

The Ka-bar Warthog reminds of that… that it handles sharp and quick and with bursts of power! Lightweight and powerful and oh sooooooooo much possibilities…….Umph is what I say…..UMPH!

I've been writing this blog for a little over 4 months and I still don't know jack-knife about types of steel used in blades….well, I do know that carbon steel can rust.  Anyhow, back to this ride.  This knife is dang-nabbit sharp-a-saurus….

The handle is that new fangled lightweight G10…..don't know what that is, but hey, it looks tactical and  resillent!  One thing about the G10 handle, it has groves molded into it to enhance the grip.  Now, this is my only curve ball with this pocket knife……the groves irritate my delicate feminine hands……(actually I have dry, worn out hands that look like farmers hands for an office guy).  Anyhow, after handling the knife for an hour I noticed my hands were tenderized…..whatever.  Wear some gloves when using this knife is my recommendation!

Comes with pocket clip and right-handed thumb stud.

7.5" in length when blade is in position for use 🙂

Ya know……….with so much manufacturing being shipped over to China, even knife companies have opted for this solution.  I'd like to see all knives made right here in the mother land, but, that's just knot the way it is anymore. 

(Side note:  I read somewhere that Yamaha ATV's was bringing manufacturing BACK home, check it out and support 'em if possible).

Most of the knives I carry are made overseas.  Swiss Army Knife, Spyderco Spydercard, BUCK 327-T, CRKT Badger Gallagher….hey, these are the knives that fit my "cutting or poking" requirements. 

None the less, back to the Kabar (still based in Olean, NY) Warthog.  I think it's a solid knife, and heck for less than $20.00 it's hard to argue.

Stay sharp my steel brothers!

P.S. – You can purchase this knife through this link to help keep the knife info coming!!