Well, I’m on a mission….or so it’s seems.  I’m wallowing through the steel shavings to find a knife under 20 bucks that is stellarriffic!!  And I believe I’ve found yet another inexpensive champion that goes by the name of Kabar Dozier. 

But wait, there’s more! No, serious.

You’re about to travel light years into time as two completely different people from two different knife blogs review the same knife……all hammered out in ONE blog – this one! Yeah……how about that my steel brothers and sisters?

My knife buddy Dan, at www.bladereviews.com agreed to provide the play-by-play (details) and I decided to chime in with the color.  Make sure you check out some of Dan’s knife reviews, he knows how to dissect a knife! J

Ka-Bar Dozier Spearpoint Hunter Review

Dan – Bob Dozier is an absolute legend in the knifemaking world, and has been making knives ever since he was a boy. His approach heavily favors practical designs from solid materials for hunting and outdoor use. Ka-Bar began a series of production knives based on some of Bob's designs in 2002. Many models have been released over the years, and what we have here is the Dozier Spearpoint Hunter – named simply for it's blade shape and intended application.

Me – I had no clue……good thing Dan is contributing to this knife blog (whew).


General Dimensions and Blade Details

Dan -The Dozier Spearpoint Hunter has an overall length of 7-1/4", a 3" blade, and a weight of just 2.3 ounces. This is a very slim and lightweight knife. To me, it's mainly designed for light EDC use. I would not consider this a “hard use” knife or “tactical” knife by any stretch of the imagination.

The blade is classified as a spear point shape and has a real classic look to it. The high hollow grind is great for slicing and adds strength to the tip. The blade has also been given a really nice satin finish. This knife gleans under the light, and the edge is even and well ground.

Me – Oh yeah…….this spearpoint is sharp, like jungle tribe sharp.  First thing I cut, besides myself (not on purpose….hahahaha) was paper.  Then on to some empty boxes and the cutting frenzy flourished!

Did I tell ya, I cut foam packing?  The foam didn't krinkle when pressure was applied by the knife.  Never mind, on where this idea came from……just look:

Dan – Ka-Bar selected AUS-8 steel for this knife, which I think is a great choice considering the price. Hardened to 56-58 HRC, this is a fairly soft Japanese steel, but an excellent value for a knife selling for less than $20. (Me- Amen to that brother) I like AUS 8 on an inexpensive EDC knife because it holds a decent edge and is very easy to sharpen.

Handle, Ergonomics and Pocket Clip

Dan – The handle on the Spearpoint Hunter is made of Zytel, a kind of engineered plastic. There aren't any liners in this knife and construction is very simple. That said, it's all well finished and feels strong considering. Yes, this is a plastic handled knife, and I wouldn't recommend this one for hard use, but I think for normal tasks its going to hold up fine. Everything lines up nicely and is well finished. The screw together construction means you will be able to take this one apart if you want. It's a very lightweight design and doesn't feel cheap.

As far as ergonomics go, this is a no-frills knife. There isn't an aggressive thumb ramp or choil, but it is a comfortable full size handle, and the Dozier folder works well in hand. The zytel has been given a diamond pattern, which is fairly aggressive and offers good traction. There is plenty of room for all your basic grips, the corners are rounded, and there is some nice functional jimping on the back of the blade. I like the ergonomics a lot.

The pocket clip is also really nice. It's been given a semi-glossy black finish, which quickly shows signs of wear, but it's a large clip with great retention. Carry isn't super deep, but it's deep enough for me and the knife rides discretely in my pocket The clip design allows for tip up ambidextrous carry. All in all I am real happy with the pocket clip on this knife.

Me – I agree with That Dan, with an asterisk.  The asterisk is in the diamond pattern handles.  I thought I had an armadillo trying to scrape down into my pocket the first time I clipped the knife to my pocket lip.  You see, I’m a stickler for accessibility and resistance, when accessing the knife makes me throw up the red awareness flag.   

On the other hand, I’m a huge fan that the knife comes out of the ox with the blade in the tip up position.  And, it is very, very lightweight……..and all ya’ll know I carry shtuff, so this knife would fit into my Lightweight Carry Days.  Hmmmmmm…..I just made that up.  LCD.  Knice. 

Ok, back to the review………

Deployment and Lockup

Dan – The Dozier uses a single thumb stud for deployment. It's reversible with a torx bit, but I would have preferred dual thumb studs from the start. That said, the single thumb stud gives the knife some classic charm. It's a large and well placed thumb stud, and with a little effort the blade just flies open. I'm not sure what kind of washers are in this knife, but it feels very smooth. The knife makes a very satisfying click when it engages. No complaints here.

The Dozier is a lockback knife, and the lock is located in the middle of the handle. This makes the knife completely ambidextrous, which is always a plus in my book. The lock doesn't stick and disengagement is smooth. I noticed a little bit of side to side blade play with my knife, but for a linerless lockback knife with a plastic handle, I'm really not concerned.

Me – Ditto that brother.  It does make a satisfying click when it locks into place.  Now, I haven’t knoticed any side-to-side play in my blade….but maybe I will in time.  The lock is rock, no doubt.

Ka-Bar Dozier Folder: Final Thoughts

Dan – All in all I am really impressed with the Dozier Folder. You have a full size blade with nice blade steel, and solid construction for under $20. The choice of materials is good, everything is well implemented, and I love how it's fully ambidextrous. But I must say, this is a lightweight and simple knife designed for daily tasks. This isn't a survival knife, or a hard use blade by any means. I'll be the first to admit, this isn't a fancy knife. I have knives that I spent 5 or 10 times as much money on in my collection, but somehow the Spearpoint Hunter still finds its way into my pocket, and I think that says a lot about this great design.

Me – There’s knothing quite like having a guest reviewer who knows and commands the English language, unlike some of us back woods boyz.   Thanks Dan.  This was much appreciated and fun. 

I’ll finish this knife review up with my final thoughts and a Steel Sahlute Score!

Accessibility – 9.1 (Tip up design so knife doesn’t have to be rotated to open)
Collectibility – 8.0 (Don’t really think this rascal is a collectible)
Fit & Finish – 9.1 (Dan and I both agree this is a well-made knife)
Sharp – 10.0 (Still sharp, and I haven’t touched up my blade yet – no kneed to).

 Final Score – 9.0 Steel Sahlutes

Great big HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Magna-Carbon Steel Sahlute to Dan of BladeReviews.com, for tag teaming this Kabar Dozier Knife Review with me!
Thanks buddy!


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