Kershaw Assisted Open Burst Knife Review

Bottom knife shown in pisture above.
Steel Sahlute fellow knife fans!
With the Kershaw Skyline knife patiently resting on my shelf, awaiting for the completion of this review….wait………………………… I had to put the Burst on the shelf and replace it with the Skyline!
The Burst is the 4th KAI Knife I’ve reviewed so far this year, or let’s say – began to review. I had to stop the review mid-stream because the pocket clip was a pain in the fanny. It was annoying me sooooo much that I said to myself, “this review is complete, I’m moving onto the Kershaw Skyline!”
Now, I did give it a week before I made my decision to abort the review so I know it’s an imported knife that carries the Kershaw name. I know the blade has this cool stone-washed, fiberglass, finish, but it’s actually 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.  
You know…..I love assisted open knives so I was pretty stoked to grasp the power of this blades burst out! It delivers a powerful thrust, for sure. Good and sharp, as Kershaw products are, but like I say, I aborted the review because of the pocket clip.
I understand I could loosen the screws that hold the clip on…….but as all my reviews are conducted, I review what and how it is, as it comes off the factory floor.
Personally, if it were me I’d go with the Kershaw Clash all day, every day.
As far as a Steel Sahlute Review Final Score? 
I’m going with 7.70 Steel Sahlutes!

I'm onto the knext knife, or should I say knives as I'm carrying the Kershaw Skyline and Canal Street Curlet pinch lockback Micarta Canvas.
Stay tuned!