Steel Sahlute fellow knife friends! 


I love this machete….L-O-V-E it!!!



My boys love this machete camp knife. 



It's being used over and over, and reached for (by me) ahead of my hatchets I carry!!!

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan and I give it my highest recommendations!



There are 2 hiccups in my opinion! 

1). The black matte finish comes off easily.




2). The snap used to hold the machete in it's sheath allows for immediate exiting when unsnapped.  Meaning there is no sheath tension to hold the knife in place.  You best be ready for the knife to exit the kydex sheath. 

I've sharpened it once….amd we've put a hurtin' on 'er with use and whacking!

OH…….byw…..the spine has a stellar 90 degree angle and throws off showers of sparks when rubbed against a ferro rod, and makes wicked fatwood scrapings (fire dust)!!



Enjoy the outdoors….and take a kid with you!!