Boy ooooooooooooooooh boy!!!!!  What stellarness of steel do we have here?

As part of the 2012 Kershaw Knives Review Team, I've been carrying this knife 24-7 since it arrived  March 13th.

It has yet to disappoint….

Did ……..did, you just read that last sentence above? Wow, that was a powerful statement, huh?

No. No. no……that was weak of the wimp sentences.

This cutting utensil is thumpin'and poundin' to the beat of the steel spirit!  She's beckoning for the blade call of duty!
And is performing like Rocky Balboa!   
That's more like how to describe this assisted open tactical style knife!!!!!

Here's what is rockin' my casbah about this knife.  The assited open feature.  Clipped on your pocket, with "tip up" position of pocket clip, this knife can be engaged IMMEDIATELY upon clearing your denim threads.  There's no flipping or re-positioning of the knife, just a bit of pressure applied to the release and BAM….you're reay to roll.  It's truly a one-hand opening knife.  And that's a big deal in my knife reviews!

Here's pics  and video, detailing the ease of opening this Kershaw:

You can see in the above pic, how the knife is positioned in my pocket (I took this pic outside of the pocket for visibility of knife in resting position).  Knotice the tip of the blade is pointed up, that's "tip up."  THe release is actually inside my pocket.

(Above) Here it is in full relaxation mode!

(Above Pic) Hand position as I reach for knife.

Cleared from the pocket…..

Engaged and ready to roll! 

 To see the procedure from start to finish… the video:

Oh, and then, to dscover the selling price? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?  Is this a typo?  You gotta be kiddin' me.  Less than $25.00?  Get outta here..

It's razorific sharp.  Dude, it's cuts a USPS Priority Box like butter through a hot knife! Oh yeah,  I said that backwards, on purpose, because it's sharper than the traditional "knife through hot butter" quote.  For you steel junkies the blade material is: 8CR13MOV

Seems like everybody is using some sort of inexsepinsive, but durable and lightweight, reinforced, nylon, fiberglass material for handles now-a-days. 

The Hardy Boys Mystery is when you see another knife made with the same handle material, the same blade material, imported from another country, as is this Kershaw,  and the price is oooooooooooooohhhhhh, 50 to 100 bucks more, you're scratchin' your head, thinkin'……what the?  It's hard to imagine paying $75.00 to $175.00 for a knife that is almost identical, except for the brand name, for a knife like this.

Surrendering up the final thoughts……

The tip up, assisted open flipper. 
The lightweight glass-filled nylon handles. 
The hair-cutting sharpness. 
Is this the PERFECT POCKET KNIFE?  Is it possibly the perfect EDC (Every Day Carry)?

I'm surrendering……………..I'm ……….uh……ok, wait a sec.

I think I may have discovered something not perfect about this Kershaw Knife.  BUT, keep in mind, this is MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE….got it?

It's a little thick. Here's what I mean.  When the knife is resting on my pocket lip, awaiting the call of duty, and I reach for it, I have to kinda skoosh my hand over to get past the knife.  Then my hand is ready to clear the knife and dive into my pocket. Now, most people wouldn't catch that little skoosh move, but when I review a knife, I analyze every angle……

One more minor detail, that seems to matter to more of the experienced generations as compared to today's youngers, is where it's NOT made – in the USA. 

So let's summarize:

FIT & FINISH – 10.0
COLLECTIBILITY – 9.0 (don't really see this as a collectible)
PRICE – OH, he!!!!!!!!!! to the yeah! 10.0 (possibly 11.0)

Other than a couple of "personal" preferences I think this is dang near the perfect every day carry pocket knife…..BUT dang near ain't perfect so I'm gonna deduct (can't believe I am even thinking about "deducting") a .05 and score this knife…..

9.95 Steel Sahlutes!! 

 I know it's only been 11 days, but I am familiar with Kershaw Knives and I don't really see the Steel Sahlute Score being lowered.

Steel Sahlute to knear knife perfection!