It doeswn't get much better fellow knife friends……that's about what it melts down to.

kershaw knife review cryo





KERSHAW CRYO G10 KNIFE REVIEWkershaw cryo reviewSteel Sahlute fellow knife lovers and thanks for checking out my latest knife review!

In 2013, or was it 2012?  Well…….the answer can be found on my knife blog, anyhow, the question is – When was it that I scored 2 knives a perfect 10?  Yes, a perfect 10!!

Well, I'm here to tell you that this creation would kick them both down a knotch from the perfect 10 Steel Sahlutes if it weren't for one thing…. 🙁 


Why should this be your EDC?  What is the best EDC?  Read on….

1). Four position pocket clip for tip-up, tip-down, right or left carry! Perfect Score of 10 Steel Sahlutes! Very few pocket knives offer this! 4 options for pocket carry on one knife! MAC DADDY!  yes

2). One-hand opening using the thumb-stud OR……..the dolphin fin on the spine! BOOM. OPEN. That's it. Simple. Fast. Tight.  One-hand! Whether you like the thumb-stud or dolphin fin, you're covered! BAM! Another Perfect 10 Steel Sahlutes! yes

3). Pocket clip sits high on handle so knife sits low in pocket!  I've never been a fan of a knife that is exposed above my pocket lip…..allows for the potential pick-pocket to have my knife.  

Kershaw 1555G10 Cryo G10 Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

4). Blade. Not too much……not too little.  Not too thin, not too thick.  Just right.  I feel like Goldy Locks and the 3 bears here…….. indecision Frankly, the blade is just enough to use where you don't feel like you could break it as with the blade on the Kershaw Leek, and \…….well……..I like the belly on the blade.  I just do….it's similar to a drop-point fixed blade. yes

5). PRICE! As always, it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY with us here in the civilized world, and you are hard pressed to find a hesitation to buy for less than $30.00!  Yessirree Jim Bob, less than $30.00 (Help a brother out and click HERE to buy please).


So, what's the "glitch" with this pocket knife I claim to be the best EDC? 


I'm picky when reviewing a knife and the one aspect that made me clench my fists and converted this knife from a one-hand "easy access" knife into a two hand job, was the pocket clip.  The dad-gum pocket clip was too tight.  Man, that fried my tomatoes……*&$(*&@*^$(!  no  Oh, believe me I know I wrote earlier how easy it was because it of the knife being a "one-hand" opener.  Well, I had to bend the pocket clip a smidge……

Kershaw 1555G10 Cryo G10 Folding Knife with SpeedSafe


For my  nephew in-law Paul, who's voice rings in my head every time I approach a completed review, who asked….."but how does it take an edge when re-sharpening?"  I am now haunted by that question without answering.  I have honed (using a sharpening steel/hone) only a couple times since my friend Jerry yesgifted this knife to me a few months ago.  Sharpens up right back into tip-top shape.  You will be happy with the amount of effort that's "not" required to re-sharpen!!!


I had more pictures, but lost 99% of them when my ol' laptop crashed…..sorry.


Final Steel Sahlute Score?  9.9 Steel Sahlutes!! 

Frankly, I reach for this Kershaw Cryo for my EDC just about every day!

Kershaw 1555G10 Cryo G10 Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

Steel Sahlue Steel Lovers!!

Scott Rauber