It’s hard to know where to start…….raise the green “10” card for perfection, or the yellow blah “4” card for failure?

***UPDATE 10/10/19! I gave this knife to a friend. Yesterday he gave it back asking me to sharpen it and inquired what the stains were! I removed the stains with Barkeepers Friend, and sharpened it (hair popping sharp) with my Lansky Sharpening System. Amazning new edge to this beast! Great knife….trying to figure out how to keep it now….LOL 

I will say, the score of a perfect “10” in this knife review comes from the edge.  This knife, after carrying and using for the past few months…..still only needed a strop to hone the edge into razor sharpness!!  Oh, you know I looooooooooooooooooooooove a razor edge!! Must be the 8Cr13MoV steel…..amazing!!

I am so impressed with the edge and easy maintenance.

Now, where’s the score of “4” come in you ask? Yeah, the pocket clip again. This time instead of yanking on it like retrieving it from a gators jaws I actually made an effort to adjust the clip.  I did ok, but it was not my job as this beast was soooooo tight. Anyhow, I was able to carry it a number of times and use it on most any task.

I cut a lot of cardboard to use as packing to firm up an envelope when shipping knives.  You probably know if you’ve purchased a knife from me previously!

The fit and feel is standard Kershaw smooth, you know.  The framelock is rock solid.

Usually within a days use and carrying a knife can be reviewed, but I like to go longer and actually EDC the knife in review, to see how it holds up to light abuse.  I mean cardboard has sand in it from what I’ve been told, and isn’t really meant to be cut with pocket knives. But, I gotta cut cardboard and that’s mostly how I test these knives…..



A high Steel Sahlute to the Kershaw Fringe!!

Stay Sharp my friends!!