Holy Perfect Knives Batman!

Doesn’t this pocket knife’s appearances scream Batman? Oooooooh yeah!   I am wholeheartedly convinced, if the Kershaw Leek 1660CKT would have been available during Batman’s crime protecting duties in the 60’s (the Leek was introduced in 2002), certainly we would have witnessed the hero utilizing the lightning quick one-hand speed assist opening feature to narrowly escape death or fend off a multitude of evil villains! 

Where would Batman have stored this sleuthful, slender, sharp, ready to spring into action with the flick of a finger knifel?  Most certainly it would have been strategically positioned for easy access on the right-hand side of his secret compartment tool belt.  Even though the Leek offers ambidextrous assisted opening for either righties or lefties, Batman, as a known “rightie” would probably have positioned the knife on the right, and very possibly with the blade in the tip-up position, for ultra-fast, life-saving deployment!   

In addition to carrying the Black Kershaw Leek on his Bat Belt, I’m confident a back-up Leek would have been secretly stowed in the glove compartment of the Bat Mobile.  And because of the Ken Onion Speedsafe design (preventing the knife was accidentally opening prematurely), created with safety in mind, the secretive Bruce Wayne would not have left home without this knife as his EDC.    I’m sure of it. 

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, was calculated.  Precise.  Exact.  Matter-of-fact.  It’s what made the super-hero perfectly capable of conquering stressful life positions with confidence.  The Kershaw Leek precisely meets those standards.

Most impooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooortantly, Batman’s knife would have to be electrifyingly sharp.  And the stainless Sandvik 14C28N steel blade is just that! I can visualize Batman and Robin, examining under the Bat Microscope,  the knife’s glistening sharpness and Robin belting out……HOLY Sharp Knives Batman!!

One more point to consider.  Back when Batman protected the people of Gotham City knives were common place.  Batman knever would have been caught carrying an imported knife, that……is another reason I know this is the knife Batman would have carried.  No questions in my mind.  Batman was very patriotic.
Somewhere along the line, back in 2007 or 2008, I landed my first Kershaw Leek and WOWZAH was I enamored.   I STILL AM.  Never had I experienced a more intriguing knife.  To this day, the finger-release assisted opening blade fascinates me. 

The Details:
Frame Lock
Thumb Stud
SpeedSafe Assited Open
Made in USA
Steel:  Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel  
Handle:  410 stainless steel, DLC coating
Blade Length:  3 in. (7.5 cm)
Closed Length:  4 in. (10.3 cm)
Overall Length:  7 in. (17.9 cm)
Weight:  3.0 oz.

All Leeks include a safety tip-lock and a reversible/removable pocket clip for tip-up or tip-down carry, and a lanyard hole.

The TripleF: Fit, Finish & Functionality – 10.0
I could go on and on.  (WOW, did the same song by Steven Bishop just pop in your head?….On and on, on and on, on and onnnnnnnnnnn).  Seriously, this knife is perfect in every way in this category.
Razor, razor sharp!
Regarding the “finish” portion, do you know what “DLC” is short for?  Diamond –Like Caron.  The desirable qualities are hardness, wear resistance, and slickness.  Yeah, nuff said. 

Accessibilty – 10.0
Clip to pocket. Grab. Depress blade knob, or utilize thumb stud.  Open. BAM.  
The deployment is true and quick.
A vital point (no pun intended) I consider is the ease of digging into the pocket while the knife is clipped onto the pocket lip.  This knife is slender enough to not hinder your hand while doing so.  The pocket clip holds firmly and produces little resistance when accessing the knife for use.
This knife is the epitome of one handed assisted open knives in my opinion.

Collectibility – 10.0
Loads of different colors, limited editions to collect or use.

Value – 10.0
Where else can you own an American Made, assisted open knife that comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty AND, and……..offers free sharpening?  And for under $50.00? Simply Amazing!

My conclusion on the Kershaw Leek …………………. It’s the perfect EDC (Every Day Carry) knife. 

Steel Sahlute Score – Perfect 10.0!

Shall we celebrate with a cigar?  The Gurkha, Ninja, Knife cigar?  (Seriously, the size of this cigar is called: Knife)

Mucho thanks to Kershaw Knives www.kershawknives.com for allowing me the privilege of reviewing this knife!

This is the knife you WANT to carry because it’s cool to open, and hey, Batman would have carried it too! 

Steeeeeeeeeeeeeel Sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlute!
Scott Rauber