This is one sleek piece of sharp stainless steel right here brothers!

I bought this knife a while back so I could review it.  Well, frankly, Frank…….there's knot much to review.  It's small and sharp.  It rocks and rolls.  It slices and dices, hops and bops. moves and grooves………all the things you want in a knife 😉

Seriously.  It is razor A$$ sharp. 
Seriously.  It is small and lightweight. 

Accessibility Factor?  I'd recommend a paracord be tied through the loop hole and left to dangle from pocket, or just drop it in the bottom of your pocket. 

Collectibility, resale factor?  Anything KERSHAW has a good resale factor!

Usability?  This knife is made for light tasks…..or at least I think it is.  Ya know, cutting boxes, opening letters, de-barking trees….ok just kidding in the de-barking stuff. 

8CR13MoV high-carbon stainless steel.
Anodized aluminum handles are durable and the matte black finish is highly scratch-resistant.
Thumb stud for one-hand opening.

She's a sleek stealthy machine. 


I executed some simple cutting exercises and I can tell you this, if you want razor blade sharp……and small…..this is your knife.

I'm gonna score this KERSHAW LFK 1700 …………………………..


Why knot a perfect 10?  Here's why:
It's small.  I know I already pointed that out, but when attempting to open the blade from it's cave I have to position the knife, and reposition and hold "just right" to confirm a safe grip for opening.  Takes an extra couple seconds. 

Stay tuned Steel Brothers!!