Kershaw Natrix Knife Review


Welcome. Welcome to another pocket knife review.  A ball bearing flipper tactical style knife to boot by Kershaw, KAI USA LTD.  


The knife in question is the Kershaw Natrix 7007BLK. Single finger smooooooth ball bearing flipper to open. Which means it’s not actually “assisted open” because that normally implies a spring is assisting in the responsibility of opening the knife. Not on this rascal!


. Sub Frame Lock is slick.  I’ve never quite been stalled by a contraption such as the little snap the blade utters when just about to fully close…’s almost like there’s a magnet pulling it into the landing dock. Intrigued was I.



Now, I like the knife.  I do. I exhale a long breathe….when I type this, but the knife feels whimpy.  It just does. I like light, especially when one of my mottos is: travel light, travel smart, but I felt it could crumble with just the wrong drop or use…It never did, and I was religious about cutting with it.  I was. I carried it for SEVERAL MONTHS!!! No, this ain’t no instant “just arrived in the mail” review, this review took over 3 months to complete.


On the down side….I experienced 2 hiccups:

1). Felt whimpy. Weighs just a smidge under 3 ounces.

2). The flipper hung up a couple times, probably like 5 or 6 total times.  Yeah, it was like the Sub-Frame Lock on the Kershaw had a firm grasp and wasn’t interested in releasing. Obviously it did, and no one was injured but that glitch was a concern for me.  Once I become mentally prepared for a potential “stop” in opening the knife, I was ready to move forward and did.  Thousands of opens and closes and numerous cuts.


On the up side:

1). When not hung up, (which was like a half dozen) times, the open motion was smooth and firm.  The frame lock (when blade is open) is true and solid.

2). The sharpness was very consistent. I was very tenacious in using the knife and did mostly “stropping” for honing/sharpening, but I did indeed use the Lansky Sharpening System to restore the edge at one point. Edge retention was solid. Very satisfied with the black oxide coating on the knife blade as well!

3). Pocket clip worked with minimal trouble. Went on and off the pocket as a clip should.  Clip can be repositioned for tip-up right, or tip-up left pocket carry. EDC.

4). Suhmooooooth open. Love the ball bearing glide.

5). Love the Sub-Frame Lock. I still sit and flip it opened and closed for minutes on end!

6). Sleek, stylish look.


I thank the folks at Kershaw KAI for allowing me to perform reviews on their knives.  I don’t beat around the bush or side step my feelings even though I’ve not paid for the knife.  I review it as if I had paid for it.


I think you’ll be satisfied in owning one or more.  I recommend this knife, and will probably give it to a nephew or friend.