Kershaw NATRIX 7008OLBLK Knife Review 


Hey, I’m a fan of any knife that all I have to do to sharpen is strop!  I’ve owned this knife for close to a year…just before Christmas 2018. It’s position has been mostly by my side at my desk to cut cardboard and open packages. Today Sep. 10, 2019 I stropped it on a homemade cutting board with leather belt glued to it and razor sharp….AGAIN!!!!


Hard to beat! Sharp knife is life! BOOM!!!


Now, my only snaffou is the liner lock thumb release.  It is just too secluded for my thumb nail to nab and push down.

I constantly have to use both hands to close. Not a HUGE deal, but I prefer one hand operating knives to, well… know operate with one hand. 


This flipper style pocket knife is bigger than normal compared to let’s say a Kershaw Zing, or Kershaw Leek. Or about an inch longer than a SOG FLASH II. 


Steel? Oh yes, it’s that renowned 8Cr13MoV, flat black color. Olive green drab scales. Light and tight! 

8 ½” OAL (Overall length) 


Kershaw NATRIX XL knife pocket clip is adjustable for 2 positions with tip UP in both cases, right or left side. So when the knife is extracted from the pocket, no rotating requited, just press the spine knob and out it slips. Now, please note, there is no spring so this is NOT ASSISTED OPEN pocket knife.  Just so ya know! 

The longer I use and handle a knife I feel a better review can be delivered.  Knifers who receive a knife in the mail and complete the review in a 7 minute video, don’t really deliver a thorough knife review IMO! 


Overall, as I stated from the get-go……Sharp knife is LIFE!!