Kershaw Needs Work 1820 USA Pocket Knife Review


From one steel brother to another…..I love USA made pocket knives. I DO!

Yesterday I received this fine piece of steel from a good friend to execute a review. (Side Note- He told me to
avoid cutting myself and to keep the knife.  Thank you Mark!).

The first assisted opening knife I owned was a Kershaw Ken Onion Leek.  Boy, oh boy, did I ever love my first experience
with that snap-to-attention-ready-to-slice-and-dice action. Eeeeeeyowzah`

The blade is the first thing that caught my eye as I released the breeze-creating, air bending, blade from its sanctuary.
Hold  on tight because she feels like she's gonna come unglued from the casing! WOOOOOHOOOO!

Next thing you notice is the body – the grip. It's got shoulders….you know, it feels like you're trying to contain a rotweiler.
It's solid.  It's beefy.  You gotta like the umph this apparatus weilds.  Not for the squeamish, that's for sure!

The only curve ball I have, is the cip.  The pocket clip.  It doesn't slide over my pocket lip and into my pocket smoothy.
I have to hold my pocket and kinda force the clip over the lip.  Once it's over though, it's not cumbersome.

Oh, did I mention sharp?  Ok.  I just did. Nuff said.

Overall, I like this knife.  I really,, really like it.  I like Kershaw and I like the guy who gave it to me!
It is absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T for displaying to your daughter's new "potential" boyfriend.  🙂

I'd highly recommend this American Made piece of steel craftsmanship to any steel brother!