Looks like the stabbing thrust caused this tree to cuhhhhrrrrrrack like glass!!!

In this pocket knives blog post I'm going to review this Kershaw OD-2 and see just exactly how many STEEL SAHLUTES it can rack up!!

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Kershaw Knives.  

And, As you know I handle my knife extensively before I even think about cutting anything with it.

But this knife isn't one of my favs.  There's a couple things that krinkles my whiskers…..

The "Lee Williams Design "flipper"opening procedure is unique, however when you're used to the assisted- opening Kershaw knives, this makes for an interesting opening experience.

The "flipper" system uses NO coil or spring to catapult the knife into the open position.  It is based soley on the force of your finger pulling the protrusion and flipping your wrist forward. I've knoticed, the first time in the day you attempt to open the knife it takes getting used to, so you have to re-hibernate the blade and then loosen the coil in your finger to get enough UMPH to flip this rascal open.  That's my take.

BTW, OD stands for: OverDrive.  

As we speak, well, we're knot actually speaking are we?  Anyhow, as I'm writing this I've been carrying my Kershaw Baby Boa (I love that Ken Onion Spring Assisted SpeedSafe opening system) and what I've knoticed is the difference in pocket clips.  On the Baby Boa the clip is almost a bowling pin shape.  As you can see in the pic above, on the OD-2,  the clip is straight line. 

Now, this is magna-koom-latte important to me….knot knecessarily the shape, but how the clip slides on and off the pocket. If I have to use 2 hands to slide a pocket clip style tactical knife onto my pocket I get a little irritated… know, how us life-experienced individuals can become :-0

Anyhow, the Baby Boa slides right on over my blue jeans pocket, but the OD-2 kneeds a little guidance and because of the small tongue (part that stick up on the clip) it has to be knestled on the top of the pocket jussssssssssssssssst right. 

The clip is ambidextorous however!!

The knife is an import. 

The blade is 8CR13MOV stainless steel which means, what, it's sharp.  That's money!

The good knews is this rascal is an ultra lightweight.  She weighs in at 1.4 ounces.  Yeah, you could wear this as an earring and barely know it was there….just kidding kids, no knife-wearing earrings, puhleeeeze. 

One thing I absolutely L-O-V-E about this knife is, as a right hander, when you pull the knife from your pocket (assuming it has been clipped on your pocket and knot stuffed in the bottom of it) your hand is in perfectahmondo postion, without moving anything, to open the knife.  I do soooooooooo  like that.   I don't know if that is purposely designed that way, but I think it's a huge plus as opposed to having to maneuver the knife into the opening position. 

Sooooooooo, let's see how many STEEL SAHLUTES the OD-2 receives. 

I'll grade this by removing tenths.  In other words, the .05 stands for a half point.  .04 stands for four tenths of a point. 

We'll start at a perfect score (10) and back down.

I'll deduct .04 for the Lee Williams Design flipper system. (I take that OFF because I'm used to the Ken Onion, hold on and sit tight opening system).

I'll deduct .05 for the clip, because compared to the Baby Boa it needs a little more width to make a slide onto the pocket easier.

I'll deduct .03 for size.  Compared to a perfect knife, this is just a little to small…..

I'll add .01 for any knife that is under $20.00 (that's a respectable name brand knife).

Overall, the score of 8.9 STEEL SAHLUTES goes out to this Kershaw Knife!!

* * * * This just in (11/18/11) * * * An upgrade for the OD-2* * *

Ok, so after handling knifes for the simple fact of looking for impurities, you will discover the "gems" in a knife. 

Here's how it came to be. 

When I extract my pocket clipped knife from my pocket I've discovered that I like it to be what I call "In Position."  In other words, I don't want to have to rotate or turn the knife to open it.  It's a very, very picky and almost unknoticed step, but when I pull this knife from my pocket's lip I am "In Position" to simply pull back on the flipper and BAHDA BING I'm ready to cut. I simply have to turn my wrist with thumb facing into the bottom of my pocket to facing the ceiling and DONE!

You can see in this pic I am ready to open the knife as I pulled it from my pocket:

Now, if you own a Spyderco Tenacious, you'll knotice that when you reach your thumb into your pocket to extract the knife, the knext move, once free from the pocket lip is to rotate the knife 180 degrees (moving the pivot point (head of knife) from the palm or "cup" of your hand to your digits) in order to NOW BEGIN positioning your finger in the hole to execute opening. 

With that said, I revise my score and add .06 steel sahlutes to make the NEW score a whopping 9.5 Steel Sahlutes!!

Steel brother sahlute!
Scott Rauber