Kershaw Skyline Knife Review
Steel Sahlute to the stellar steel readers of this blog! Hooooooo Haaaaaaaa! Sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhlute!

* * Steel Sahlute Sub Notes * *
So, here I am closing in on the conclusion of my selection as one of the official knife reviewers for Kershaw Knives for 2012, and the Kershaw Skyline is before me! Keep in mind, I asked to be a reviewer for Kershaw and when one is granted this wish knowing there are only 10 reviewers selected per year, the tendency to provide a favorable review is a subliminal obligation. At least it is in my mind. However, I try and conduct each review as if I purchased the knife for my own use, not concerned with what the results will be or if the review will shed a dark cloud on my relationship with that company.
So, here we go, down the slippery steel slope of knife reviews!
Made in the USA
Flip open (not assisted)
Linerlock (Actually the thumb studs are also locking devices).
Steel: Sandvik 14C28N, bead-blasted finish
Handle: Textured black G-10
Blade Length:    3-1/8 in. (7.9 cm)
Closed Length: 4-1/4 in. (10.8 cm)
Overall Length:                 7 3/8 in. (18.7 cm)
Weight:                2.3 oz.
Carry: Reversible pocket clip for tip up or tip down carry on pocket or belt.


TripleF – Fit, Finish, and Functionality: 9.0
The knife is put together very well, as you would expect since it’s made in the U.S.A. It’s light (only 2.3 opunces) and very, very easy to carry. I barely knew it was clipped on my pocket.

Let me through this stellar steel info in here before I forget. I like this Sandvik steel. Ohhhhh buddy. I cut some stuff and have yet to re-sharpen ‘er.   See the pic of the pile of cardboard? Yeah. All boxes I cut with the Kershaw Skyline.   Then I cut a t-shirt into rag-size portions. Then, I cut paper. Beauty.


Here’s the BEEF! Wanna know “Where’s the BEEF?” Right here!

The flipper bothers me. Right from the outset I expected this knife to operate like the Ken Onion SpeedSafe Assisted Open knife …..Wuhhhhhhtish! NOT!
Yeah, the flipper IS NOT assisted open, it’s completely manual. Still, to this day when I attempt to open the knife, it sometimes stops half way because I don’t hit the flipper hard enough. And to me……that’s the sanffoou. Frankly, this opening style puts me in a MENTAL STANGLEHOLD!
 I know other guys love this knife. You can see review, after review, after review on YouTube. Guys love it.
It’s the flipper opening system that puts a mental knot of hesitation in my mind when I open ‘er. Unlike any other knife, the opening system causes me to focus and think before proceeding.
The clip is perfect. Quite possibly the best clip made by Kershaw, IMHO. On and off the pocket with little resistance.  Tip up or tip down, your choice.


The linerlock works perfectly. 
Can I toss in a little side note here? One knever fully appreciates the flawless functioning liner or frame lock until they run across one that requires two hands, like when setting a bear trap, to engage it. I now am aware of this fact since ANOTHER (not the Skyline) knife has arrived for review that dismantled my thumb when trying to push down the framelock to close. *$&%^#&$%(

Collectibility: 8.0
Seriously, unless there is limited version or limited production colors, I don’t see much value in collecting and saving these knives. I am convinced these are more of a “user” knife as opposed to a collectible, kind of like the Schrade Old Timer’s!
OASSS (Overall Steel Sahlute Score) = 8.2 Steel Sahlutes!


Stay steel tuned!!