When my grandsons were little, whether they came to my
home or I to theirs, they always asked to see my knives.  I obtained permission from their mom and dad and showed
them whatever I was carrying, usually it was 2.

I would let them “look” at my knives, then eventually I let
them hold my “unopened” pocket knife. Then as time passed and they became more coordinated I allowed them to open
the main blade on a vintage scout/camp knife.  At this point they were like 3 or 4 years of age.  (P.S. – I still have those
first knives!)

I would continue to let them open a scout/camp knife (I always have some on hand).  Then I would bring them on missions
and allow them to carry them.



They were allowed to strip bark from sticks and make points, using their vintage camp/scout knives.  A dear friend noticed my activities with young boys and sent me a handful of knives for future missions, which I still have and use to this day. (To discover what missions are, go to my website: missionlifekids.com.

Time moves on, the boys are 7 & 8 at the time of this writing and I allow them to use my fixed blade knives to make shavings and curls for camp fire tinder.  Recently, they were each given a Mora craft knife and have begun using them.

All knives are returned to me at the end of the mission…..for proper storage until the next.  It’s not how it used to be, but it’s how it is these days.

The point here is the curiosity is gone, they never ask to see the knives I’m carrying anymore.  They comprehend the danger as each has cut himself, nothing serious, and see knives as a tool for cutting…..just what they are.  I taught them the potential danger that exists and how to properly handle knives at an early age.  EDUCATION is the key to safety…….not fear!  

So I say, Kids…..YES, WHY NOT knives!!