We who revere the purpose of a good pocket knife remember our first one. I remember mine – it was a Camillus Cub Scout Knife.

Heck, I even cut myself using it the first time by myself! 🙁 Still have the scar too!!

Monday, it so happened that the opportunity arose to take my grandsons and great nephew to the park for a walk in the "cooler" Florida weather.  Before leaving they asked if they could bring their knives.  My natural response was to proclaim a resounding YES, but I deferred to mom…..who replied as long as you listen to Poppy (that's me)!!

Well, knives in pockets we headed to a small 80 acre State Park close by and walked along the Cotee River.  Finally, they beckoned for wood…..wood to whittle.  I found a stick…..initiated some basic "non-cutting" instructions and respect of a knife and away they went…..

I snapped a pic while they were hard a t work!  The ages are 6, 6 and 5! 

first day with knives





 My 2 grandsons each used an Imperial Camp Scout Knife.  I leant my great nephew a Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife to use!!

Hey…..let your kids experience the outdoors, let go of your busier than life LIFE and spend some real time with them.  They'll actually like you more for doing so. (And you can always use it as punishment if they don't behave 😉 )

Steel Sahlute to the first time knifers!!

Scott Rauber