Steel Sahlute to knife maintenance and care, brothers and sisters!!

Couple Quick Tips:

1). Oil your joints on folding knives.  I use Quick Release Oil (click here)

2). Don't store your knives in sheaths.  Sheaths hold moisture and over time can transfer that to your knife in the form of pitting.

3). Keep blades clean.  Wipe down after use or touching.  Personally, I carry a microfiber cloth on me (in my pants pocket) at all times.  Actually,  I wouldn't be without it.
This is sooooooo simple and effective I can't believe every knife user doesn't carry one.   In addition to providing proper care and maintenance for your knife, you can use the micro-fiber cloths on your laptop, cell phone, digital camera lens, and so on….

Oh, but wait, you can get these microfiber cloths for ONLY $.80 ea.  Yeah, $.80 each…. (5 in a pack).