Gotta have ya some Flitz Metal Polish, a Cutco Polishing Cloth, some sandpaper, and ya gotta have some band aids.  And, as a band aid bonus bonanza I'm gonna bump ya with this bit of expertise…….get the "flex-fabric" becuase it's like adding a layer of skin. 

I'm working on a vintage Camillus Utilty knife in above pic and happened to cut myself as you can see. 🙂 This knife is for sale on eBay: 

Here's a recent knife I put some sweat equity into.  Some before and after pics.  Keep in mind I have no powered tools at this time for my cleaning efforts. I know it's obvious.  I know.  But it's fun to see what elbow grease and the right tools put out 🙂




Sahlute the Flex-Fabric Band Aids!!

Oh, and dude, check this out! You can buy these band aids through this Amazon link and I'll make a couple pennies….


and the Flitz Metal Polish too….

Quick Release Oil