A LITE steel sahlute this morning. 

No, it's knot because I have a hangover from Miller Lite Beer.  (I can't believe you thought that, you scally wags).   

Seriously though. 

Usually my EDC (every day carry), strong side (right) consistes of my Victorinox Classic SAK (Swiss Army Knife), a couple cigar torch lighters, money clip, and bandaids.  So, my right pocket is full of…..ya know….man gear.

So this morning, I'm feeling like I want to travel LITE today.  I don't know, I guess, my thigh just needed a break from the bruise.  (jk on the bruise)

So, I thought, how can I lighten the preverbial LOAD?  I gotta carry my VIC SAK.  I gotta have a back-up lighter for my cigars.  I gotta be able to cut torpedo cigars, and I need bandaids.  I pondered.  I teased my brain to find a load that would be lite.

Here's the results:

As you can see, I still am carrying two lighters, my VIC SAK, and I rotated in the Geo. Schrade Wire Jack Easy Open Knife.  The knife the Geo Schrade replaced was an Imperial Prov RI USA WWII Easy Open Bone Knife.  Replacing one of the lighters with a slim style soft flame, and replacing the knife considerably lightened my EDC.

Travel Lite today!!