Over the past 9 years I’ve cleaned and revived a bunch of old pocket, hunting , tactical knives. So I thought I’d share what I recommend for DIY knife polishing. 


Here’s my thoughts on what makes the shiniest end result on your knife.


FLITZ METAL POLISH (metal, plastic, and fiberglass) is hands-down the best IMO!  Very, very simple to use. Directions state: spread small amount, do not let dry and wipe off. Simple as that. Not only is it simple but the shine on knife bolsters, guards, springs, liners, blades, etc is magnificent! In addition FLITZ shines plastic and there are buhzillions of knives with plastic attachments!! 


I do like MOTHER’S polish, but you have to work it in……and make the cream a gray color before wiping it off. I sometimes use MOTHER’S before I finish with FLITZ. 


I have used the Renaissance Wax for bone handled knives. Stuff ain’t cheap. 


Lightly used the WENOL and HAGERTY with minimal success.  


In addition……I am a huge fan of BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND.  Oh yes I am. I like to spread a little of that on a sanding pad and feverishly run the knife portion back and forth. Does a splendid job removing light rust, grunge, etc on pocket and hunting knives. 


I buff by hand, using cloths, towels…..something soft so it doesn’t scratch the knife shine. I have both but the jewelers cloths work best to make that shine glisten! 


P.S. –  Fine 00, 000 steel wool is money as well!!!

P.P.S. – I have also used Simichrome Polish….not a fan!

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