Kershaw Method Knife Review


Steel Sahlute knife lovers!


Another review comin’ atcha!


My method on testing and reviewing knives has changed slightly over the past couple years.  These days I try and be a little more abusive to the knife in review in order to see if it’ll SAY UNCLE!!


This Kershaw Method cut and sliced more cardboard than any other knife I’ve reviewed or used.  It took a proud beating in my opinion and held up with shoulders back and gut in!!


The pictures show proof.


I did carry it for a while.  It’s super duper lightweight.


The blackwash shiny finish is so sleek.  Made of 8Cr13MoV steel was difficult (for me) to put an edge on.  As shown in pic, I used all aspects to restore the edge.





The KVT ball bearing and built in flipper take some adjusting to become familiar with especially since I daily carry the Kershaw Zing (love that beast).


Limited to right-hand, tip up carry only, unless of course you don’t wish to carry it on your pocket lip, and just drop it in your pocket.  There is only one spot to hold the clip and at one point somehow it came loose! No worries, I have the Kershaw tool!!


Overall, it’s tough and light.  Might make a good backpack carry because of that.

My grandson likes it as well……he’s 8……I think I’ll give it to him!!!

Knowledge cures curiosity… kids knives!!