Knives & Camping – What did the knife blogger bring?

Outdoor spirit steel sahlute, fellow brothers and sisters!

I haven’t been camping in ooooooooooooooooooooooh 35 years or so, BUT my dad took us in the woods almost every weekend when I was a kid.  Now, the outdoor spirit has been re-kindled in me and I took my two grandsons (3 & 5) and my 9 year old nephew camping this past Monday.  I’d like to say I talked their parents into letting them play “hookie” but in actuality, it was Spring Break, so off we went to a local State Park for a day/night camping mission!

I’m going to head down two paths here – one is about the knives I brought and why, and I’m going to share a few pics from my camping experience Monday.  The camping trip was originally scheduled at a local State Park for Saturday, but observing the forecast (high’s in the upper 70’s with rain) I called to reschedule for Monday (kids were on spring break) and scored as temps were in the mid 60’s and 47 when we woke the next morning!  WooooooooT!

Anyhow, here are some pics of camp.

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EDC3.25.13 016


EDC3.25.13 014


And, in accordance with this knife blog here’s the knives I brought with me….

EDC3.25.13 003

Top Knife-
Case Leather Stacked Knife Handle Fixed Blade Hunting Knife 365-5 SS
If you have to be Rambo……you can! 
Here’s why I choose this knife:
1). I’m starting a thorough review on it.
2). I wanted a knife that had some “umph” if necessary. (It actually helped me pry off a chunk of fatwood from a dead pine stump for the fire).
3). Self defense. Yup.  I carried it all day long, and then removed it from my belt and laid it right next to my air mattress.
4). Strength of blade.  If  I face a heavy chore, I know this knife will stand answer the call!

Second knife –
Great Eastern Cutlery Tidioute Beaver Tail Mini Lockback Folding Hunter #721112 (a knife I have previously reviewed  
This is a kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice bushcraft knife – just the right size for just about any call of steel duty.  The first call to action was cutting the head of my cigar – of course.  😉
Somewhere around mid afternoon I remember introducing the boys to summer sausage….oooooooooh boy, did they like dat! Yes sir.  That GEC knife was slicin’ and dicin’ chunks of the sausage.
Here’s why I brought this knife:
1). The blade is carbon steel.  It takes a knice edge and spits out sparks quite knicely when rubbed against a ferrocerium rod for igniting the fire!

2). The blade LOCKS open.  No worries about chomping down on the fingers.

3). It’s not a burden to carry.

4). It’s just right…..not too big.  Not too small.

Third knife –
1974 Case XX Scout Utility Knife (previously discussed here:
Here’s the scoop…..if I have to go with one, and only one knife, it’s this one. 
Here’s why – there’s a multitude of possibilities this knife can accomplish.  And I’ve added a couple of attachments, as you can see, to create an arsenal of accomplishment!  I know, I know it’s not your “status quo” bushcraft knife, BUT there’s other situations this knife could conquer in a life-threatening predicament! 
I also posted another article on scout/utility knives that you might benefit from – 4 Rreasons Why You Should Own a Vintage Scout Knife:

And here………………………for gadgets for your knife:


Steel sahlute to the outdoor spirit!  Pass it on!


Scott Rauber