Here's my ebay link: 

Or if you don't trust the link, my username is: mktgbiz

Or, search for: John Holler Knife

I always wonder why people "watch" an item when I have a pretty reasonable prices set.  Especially compared to other who sells a lot of 3 Schrade Old Timers with broken blades for a But It Now of $189.00.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  And this knumskull has relisted that same lot for the past 6 months.  Duh, it's not gonna sell at that price!

Anyhow, I want my stuff to move……so if you want to see what the final selling price is, by all means, WATCH IT. 

I've got a 100+ year old John S, Holler & Co. Celebrated Cutlery Mother of Pearl (MOP) I started at $19.99 with a BIN of $22.99.  Pretty reasonable I thought for a 100+ year old knife.  But, alas, it's still not sold so I'm lowering the price to $17.99 with a BUY IT NOW of $20.99.

Same with a vintage 1961 Imperial Military knife……..

Someboday already bid on the National Blade NJ USA knife….and took away the BUY IT NOW option but for the scarcity of the knife it's still a helluva deal…..