Steel Sahlute fellow multi tool lovers!

Couple weeks ago I purchase a lot of knives from this knumb-knut on ebay (sheltons85).  He posted one picture of 7 knives all together!

Yeah, not 1 picture of each of the 7 knives…..1 picture of the 7 knives.  AND……..(I shoulda known better) but none of the blades were showing in the 1 picture he posted.  

When they arrived my suspicions were confirmed as both of the Leatherman's were toast. 

Fast to the point…..I call LEATHERMAN.  The customer service gal says……"Just send them in, we have a pretty lenient warranty department."

Ok.  I do…….on a Monday.  Seven days later I receive 2 Leatherman Wingman replacements.  Not 8 days, 7 days after I shipped mine.  Good Lord, they (Warranty division employees) must be having a competition to see who can open an envelope, stuff in a Thank You Letter, a similar or better knife, and get it back in the mail the fastest.  Seven days turn around. Excellent! 

That my friends is a Warranty Department that earns an A+ in the Steel Sahlute Knife Review Department!!

Oh, BY THE WAY……both knives were IMO……..ABUSED from improper handling and use. And LEATHERMAN didn't hesitate one i-ota, they replaced them!!! 

Pictures of the before and after below.

Leatherman abused knives warranty  Leatherman Warranty Results

Leatherman Warranty Review



BUY LEATHERMAN…….they're American made and they stand behind it.  And please, please don't buy the China imports when you
can keep Americans rocking and rolling! 


Steel Sahlute to Leatherman!!



P.S. – I do EDC A Leatherman Sidekick – won't leave home without it!  (buy by clicking on ad on right)!