Steel Sahlute my knife friends!

I spent a few hours at a local park yesterday (July 4th) and made some paracord bracelets for the kids (shhhhhhhhhh….it’s a surprise 😉 ).  I had the opportunity to use my Leatherman Wave I received in a trade from a fellow knifer (thanks junebug – I love this knife tool).

Paracord Bracelet Leatherman WaveParacord Bracelets Kids size












I used the scissors to cut the paracord, very effectively I might add, and I used the handles to stamp out the burning paracord after lighting with my lighter to tidy up the loose frayed ends.

The Wave is a little bulky, compared to my VIC SAK Camper, but this is the second time I’ve toted it along with me to the park.  I love having options and “the more the merrier” is my motto!  I mean, it has a REAL set of pliers, 2 saws, screwdrivers, scissors, knife blade and more.

Leatherman Wave (1)


Steel Sahlute!