What refreshing knews it was to receive this letter!  Thought I'd share it with my fellow steel brothers.

I recently started collecting knives again after some 30 years. I'll never forget standing in that hardware store admiring that Case Sharks Tooth, which I finally put on layaway and still own. That knife was so shiny and caught my eye. I wound up with about a dozen more Case knives, then my interests turned elsewhere.

I've recently renewed that interest after some 30 years and now own some 140 knives, of all brands. Then I found AAPK … and what a goldmine of collector information! It has been invaluable to me as I seek out new knives and brands to collect. While reading through one post, I saw where you had posted and had a blog. I jumped over to it and wanted to say what a great job and service I think you are providing. Your passion jumps off the page as you mull over the qualities and downsides of each knife. I just wanted to say "thanks" for taking the time to review knives with the passion you do.


Welcome back Randal!
Massive steel sahlute to you!!