Last year I was in the woods for the first time since 1981.  I wasn't hunting, but my brother was.  I sat in a blind and watched and waited……quietly for hours………….and saw………………….nothing.  BUT, believe me, it wasn't what I saw, it was being in the great outdoors and drinking in the spirit of the wild (head nod to Ted Nugent – Here! HERE!).


Steel Sahlute fellow knife fans and outdoor hunters extraordinaire!! Time to begin walking like Indians again!


Let’s say I was to move back up north and begin hunting again (which I’d do in a heartbeat).  In addition, to your license, gun and ammo you gotta have a knife, or two, or three.  So, faced with the challenge if it were to arise (praying it does some day) here’s what I’d certainly consider. 

For field dressing your deer:
The Crush Fixed Blade & Guthook Knife Combo by Kutmaster-

Kutmaster Knife, a division of Utica Cutlery Co is based out of upstate NY and ya know I gotta give the steel props to ‘em, especially since they still make knives right here in the good ‘ol USA!  The Cruch Combo Set is made and endorsed by Lee & Tiffany Lakosky are a couple that hunts together for Big Bucks!  Dude, you gotta love that!!  Mega Props to husbands and wives hunting together!  Magna Steel Sahlute to all who do so!  

G-10 fixed blade combo with FREE BBD leather wrist strap. Features full tang 420 stainless steel blades with partially serrated blades and heavy duty nylon sheath. Lightweight, durable. Limited lifetime warranty.




For field dressing your deer, survival and more:
Case XX Fixed Blade Hunter #00385 (tang stamp: 365-5)

This is a knife boyz and girlz.  Stout, and studly, and steel sahlute sharp!  Made in the USA, in beautiful Bradford, PA! I’ll be discussing this knife in upcoming feature so stay tuned.  But, isn’t this leather wrapped knife the vision of traditional hunting experiences?  In my mind’s eye I see my Dad carrying this knife on his belt.  Miss ya Dad!   


For survival/camping/hunting experiences I’d also certainly carry this Hobo knife by Case in case I was forced to eat.  Each untensil comes apart and can be used individually as you would if you were using a traditional knife, fork, or spoon.  I know, because I already tested this Case Hobo knife one night over dinner.
You shoulda seen the look my wife gave me…….eyes rolling as I used my camo fork and spoon over spaghetti-O's.  LOL……yeah, the small town redneck, still lives in me!

Here's what this survival dinner tool looks like after I washed it in the dishwasher…

Getchya one:

Somewhere, along the line, the Boy Scout Motto; “Always Be Prepared.” Set in. 
Deer hunting season is upon us!!  Be prepared!

Much luck and may the score a Big Buck!

Long tines Steel Sahlute!