For Sale on ebay…….some of Robert Paolantonio’s personal knife stash!!

Going ahead 100 years and pretending it’s 2113, and reading the knife blog records of days gone by someone, or someones, will discover that the grandson (Robert Paolantonio) of Frederick Paolantonio (one of 3 bothers who originally founded Colonial Knife Co.) was shipping his knives to a fella in Florida who would in turn sell them for Robert.

Robert was shipping blank knives (just needed handles) of old, old Colonial stock (the company closed its doors in 1998, and later re-opened with another one of the grandsons – Steven), and some of his personal knife stash.   Knife buyers were looking for deals, but had no idea of the rarity of the knives they would be purchasing.

Hellooooooo McFly……wake up!  Back to the present….

The scoop is I do in fact have knives from the basement of Robert Paolantonio.

As an example…..Bobby (Robert) sent a 2 blade Ranger knife with the company contact info printed on the back side.  Have you ever seen one of those before?  Maybe you saw one at the knife show back in 1980, but I’m sure you don’t HAVE ONE.

Colonial ranger USA knife printed company info








There’s also ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh heck, click on the link for my listings for more!

And hey man, if you like rare, hard-to-find, advertising, mint condition knives……jump on these while you can so your grandchildren will be talking about you in 100 years as they view your knife collection!

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Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber