Lovers of the steel….greetings.

I did it.  I bought an M-Tech USA (China made) Tactical Folding Pocket Knife to review.  Now, I'm selling it on eBay. 

So here we go….review the said steel and see if the always low price is worth it.

First let me project my thoughts regarding the name one the blade….M-Tech USA.  Ok, really, seriously? USA?  I mean a knife made in China or Japan is nothing but sold in the USA.  Oh, I understand it was "thought of" here in the USA, but placing the name on the front and made in China in small 4 pt. text on the back is weak…..IMHO.

Ok, so let me review the knife.

One second.  Wait.  I thought I'd do a little steel recon for my steel brothers and dig up what I could on the Internet.  What?  No website?  You're kidding right?  I mean, it's 2011, everybody has a website….but nahdah was found, no sir.  I breathed a sigh of bewilderment…I did.

Ok, let's try this one more time.

I eat a banana every day around breakfast time and have beeen receiving much steel joy as I've been utilizing my new (now used) BUCK 327-T knife to seperate the stalk head from the skin in one smooth quick motion…'s sooooooooo exciting to watch that little piece of stalk head go tumbling through the air.  🙂

This morning it was status quo….time for a banana.  I decided today, to try my NEW M-Tech USA/China knife to dislocate the stalk head from the skin…..but it slightly got snagged on the stalk in the motion of cutting and didn't make a clean cut.  My eyes bugged OUT!  This can't be possible, this knife can't cut the head of a banana off?  Maybe I swung wrong…..maybe I hesitated in my swinging motion…..maybe there was some breeze of tropical resisitance in the kitchen….

Could it really have been that dull that it couldn't handle the mission?  I don't know, but it's not gonna get another try from this steel slinging patriot!!

You gotta admit though, the pics on the rock came out purty knice!

Here's to smooth slices!

Oh yeah, here's the eBay auction for $2.99: