Ya know, it's hard to review knives…..it is.  But as a steel brother full of the steel spirit I provide this service for my fellow steel bretheren.

On the "cutting block" today is this Meyerco G10 Tactical Folder Blackie Collins Knife. 

Let me first enlighten you with my extensive backgraound with Meyerco.

Naddah. Zip. Zero. Zilch.  I know Nutting (as Colonel Clink used to say).  Yup. nuthin' as we say in the south.

I won this knew knife in a "lot" auction on eBay a little while back.  Really, I bought the auction because there was a Kershaw OD-2 in it, and you know what a huge fan of Kershaw I am.

Well, I did a little recon on said company (Meyerco) and come to find out they were the FIRST company to produce and patent the assisted opening knife.  WOW@!!! I had kno idea!!

Frankly, my dear,………..I'd knever heard of Meyerco before this little tactical showed up in the mail.

First reaction – I've knever heard of this knife, it's imported and the color is ugly…….it can't be good.  I calmed myself down with mental confubulation and said hey, you can't judge a book by it's cover, give this knife a chance you pre-judging knife hypocrite (Wow, if my high school english teachers could read that last sentence they's surely be impressed).

Ok, back to the knife in kwestion.


I gotta tell ya.  After I opened the package and rolled and tumbled it in my hands for a bit I started to think – – – – Yeah, this very well coulda come out of the same factory in China as Spyderco, or SOG, or who knows what other brand name that has knives mass-produced overseas.

Rolling around in the hand.  Flipping open and closed.  Slipping on and off of the pocket with the interchangable pocket clip ( I really, really, really like how easy it slides on and off my pocket lip….I do).  Cutting the hair off my arms.  Cutting paper.  Just a battery of simple tests I execute with all knives I review, I'm thinking…….dang this is a solid knife.

Ok, so now I'm like, this ugly looking, cheap, imported, G10 tactical knife can't be all that.  I mean, really.  I was actually experiencing some sort of knife anguish.  Mental jousting in my mind: Good knife really, but it's imported.  Spyderco is imported.  But this isn't a Spyderco.  Back and forth. Over and over….like a ping pong game.

Allright.  It is what it is.  After cutting some priority boxes (the ones for flat rate shipping) with this knife and experiencing how cleanly it cuts through that cardboard I just cut the hair on my arms.  Sharp.  Still sharp. 

I like this knife.  I doooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Getchyerself one. 

It's knot heavy or cumbersome.  It slides on and off the pocket lip easily.  It does take a little back and forth flippage to get the blade to open smoothly. It takes an edge knicely

Overall, I score this knife………drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


The teeeny little things that kept this from being a "10":
*The thumb hole shape, the shape of a football. makes a little tough tp grasp.
*The color is ugly. Sorry.  It is.
*Brand name recognition.  Knever heard of it before.  It's knot a huge thing……

I'll continue to carry this knife, strong side for a while.  If any updates need to be made…..count on me to deliver.

Steel sahlute steel brothers!!