I'm bringing this review, even though it's not a "knife review" because this is a portable grill I'd recommend to any who enjoy outdoor excursions!

My first exposure was a couple, at a picnic table, cooking…..yes cooking on top of the picnic table with this v-shape grill.

I notified them as to my volunteer status at the park and politely inquired as to how that fire breathing grill wouldn't start the picnic table on fire? 


The owner slid his hand underneath the belly, which had wood burning and food cooking (I believe they were pork chops) and rest his hand on the table, and held it there!

MY EYES BUGGED OUT….so I tried the same with my hand.  AMAZING…..barely a feeling of heat.  WOW!!!! 

The discussion continued and they informed me this wasn't their first use of the UCO Flat Pack grill and they loved it. I ordered one when I got home!!

Burn wood for a fire or cook steak or a can of chili….this is the portable grill to have!

I believe the magic of not burning the item below it is the "V" shape, allowing for the heat from the fire to dissipate out the sides and the holes on the folding ends. I'vewatched the flames shoot out those holes when in full capacity.  Use mini twigs, branches, sticks to start and maintain your fire.

Amazingly too, the grill cools down minutes after emptied.


As my first exposure, I too have utilized the UCO portable flat pack grill on a picnic table and in the middle of the woods.  

Highest recommendations!!! 


The velcro pouch included is a pain in the butt to get the grill back into, but it can be done.


Stay outside…..



 P.S. – I do have a square portable pop up stove/grill. Rests flush on the ground when in use…..It too is fed by mini sticks/twigs.