Robert A. Paolantonio has again showered me with historical artifacts from the Colonial Knife Co. blessing me with a connection to the inside circle of Colonial, or at least I feel that privileged.
Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to Larry Vickery as he has kindly added a link to my blog on his site.  His site?  It's the world authority on Schrade Knives – Larry mentioned a link to my knife blog.  Thanks Larry!!


Back to the Colonial Knife Co. love.

Yesterday I received a package from Robert.  Included were the following:
Personal business cards
Colonial Ranger Swiss Army Style Knife Series #2008 Brown  
Colonial Knife Sharpener and Sheath
1998? Catalog with insert of Robert A. Paolantonio (R.A.P.) Old Cutler 5 Star Series Stag Knives. (I'll have pics in a seperate post as I'm waiting for the catalog to flatten out – it was mailed in a tube).

Let's begin with the business cards and multi tool knife:


Robert told me in an email I'll probably knever see another knife like that.  WOW.  Impressive huh?


Knext on the showering of gifts, I felt like I was the center of attention at a bridal shower –

Vintage Colonial Knife Co., Providence, R.I. Leather Sheath and sharpening stone:


Handling these vintage knife creations opens the minds eye to visions of walking through the doorways of the Colonial Knives factory when it was vibrant with steel life; hearing the clanging of large steel cutters  and presses, uniforms splotted with grease stains, sunlight peeking through the windows, worn and torn workboots and gloves.
Unfortunately the reality is gone, but the steel spirit is still alive.  I am grateful to Bobby Paolantonio as he continues to share portions of Colonial Knice Co as they were when he was walking, working, and creating within the block walls of the factory.

Thank you my friend!!

Steel Sahlute to you!!
Scott Rauber